Rifat Garipov’s Double Life: Robbing Roscomsnabbank to Cleanse the Internet and Build a Construction Empire

What if we warmed up the wrong Rifatik...

Prince Dunduk sits at the Academy of Sciences. And Rifat Garipov, a 37-year-old businessman from Bashkortostan, sits on the so-called “public council” under the Minister of Construction of the Russian Federation Irek Faizullin. More precisely, Garipov pretends to be in session. The Public Council (PC) of the Ministry of Construction has created a commission for it with a “nothing” name – “on project financing.” This commission is more fiction than reality. Even a cursory study of the materials of other commissions on the official website of the OS is enough to show that Garipov’s “toy” practically does not work in reality.

PR in both tail and mane

Then why did the scandalous Bashkir talent, known for his involvement, in particular, in fraud in the collapsed Roskomsnabbank, need this gimmick under the screen of Minister Faizullin and OS Chairman Sergei Stepashin? An analysis of the materials available to the editors of Kompromat.VIP clearly proves that Rifat Garipov needs the business card of a social activist at the federal Ministry of Construction to divert the attention of law enforcement agencies from his real background.

In Ufa, he participated in Roskomsnabbank’s schemes for laundering and withdrawing assets (the former name was Bashkomsnabbank, he was even on the board of directors of this credit organization). Banchok, who shamelessly “vacuumed” pensioners’ contributions to the “Gold Reserve” pyramid right in his offices, was controlled by Garipov’s uncle Flur Gallyamov, plus his nephew juggled money from the construction industry.dqdirkideziqdratf

I’m not a bankster - I’m a social activist!

It is precisely this fame that Garipov carefully avoids. He avoids it so much that he is ready to spend a lot of money on PR for himself as a member of the OS of the Ministry of Construction, the head of some kind of “project” commission. After all, a lot of money is “earned” from the elderly, there is enough for promotion, and there is still enough left for a luxurious life.

Garipov played schemes at his uncle’s bank, remaining behind the scenes

Media Figaro and  PR - Dead

In the stage role of an expert social activist under the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation, Garipov’s name is interspersed as an “authoritative” expert commentator in dozens of daily publications that at least briefly relate to the construction industry. Garipov commented, Garipov explained, Garipov appreciated, stated... “Kommersant”, “Izvestia”, “Vedomosti”, “Business FM”...

Every line has a plug

Any media manager will confirm that regular exposure in such publications is possible under one of two conditions. First: you are actually a recognized expert, a newsmaker. Or second: you are inserted into texts with or without reason, because you always pay for it, and at a large price. This kind of staged and customized “commenting” is exactly the case of Garipov.

Why? Judge for yourself. If we had a natural media interest in the “great specialist” Garipov, then we would see this murky character in completely different sources - not only in the same type of “commentary” inserts into texts. This would be a live process, Garipov would speak at specialized events of specialists, journalists would actually meet with him. Real interviews would be recorded with the “head of the commission” of the OS Ministry of Construction, which you could listen to and watch.

But no, this is an absolutely inflated fake! Otherwise, how can such a “big” authority, who is idle and has been remembered by Vedomosti and Kommersant for several years in a row, suddenly not, for example, on YouTube? YouTube of our “expert” does not know the words at all, as they say. Is the expert hiding in a bunker, ignoring public events and activities? How is that? This is one of the main symptoms that the expert is not real. Before us is an artificial, dead project, which is generously paid to litter Internet search engines.

And what, more precisely, who is on the way out? Not a tongue-tied Bashkir strategist who got his head around the cutting of banking and development assets in Ufa, the nephew and accomplice of the same schemer Flyur Gallyamov... No, well, whatever you can do! This is Rifat Garipov himself - there are so many beautiful and abstruse words attributed to him and published in the reputable press.

The million-dollar task: find and question the living Garipov!

To verify the fakeness of our “social activist”, the commission agent, the editors of Kompromat.VIP offer a simple journalistic experiment. Try to contact this star, arrange a meeting, conversation, request a live, not written, comment in real dialogue, on the record.

After all, if you believe in the image that is so diligently sculpted for us, then Garipov is simply a luminary of competence in matters of development, he must be talkative, since his sayings are inserted in all newspaper corners. It would seem that what is the problem for him to communicate professionally, not according to what is written, personally, answer questions, and intelligently discuss the problems of “project financing”. And it’s even more interesting to answer sensitive questions about the origin of your wealth.

Alas, such an “interactive” venture is obviously doomed to failure. One of Garipov’s PR servants will politely but categorically answer you that a comment from the respected Rifat Ruzilevich can be received in letter form, by email or something like that.

Because “Rifat is naked!” Check it out for yourself.